July 12, 2006

PGHA: North Korea's Tantrum

OK. Harvey made a good point about the recent "Missile Tests" in North Korea. Basically, North Korea had a tantrum because no one was paying attention to it. Which helps explain some of the other bizarre behavior that's been coming out of the little country.

* Earlier this week, North Korea threatened to hold it's breath till it passed out if it didn't get more missiles.

* Later, in the middle of dinner, North Korea announced that the food tasted like poop and threw it on the floor of the restaurant.

* Then, while at the mall with it's mother (China) suddenly started screaming "I WANT A PONY!!!! ...AND MORE MISSILES!!!!"

* And finally, just recently, North Korea walked into the U.N. General Assembly and started singing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" at the top of it's lungs.

Yep. Looks like North Korea is going through the 'terrible twos' ...looks like time for a little 'negative re-enforcement'.

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