August 16, 2006

PGHA: Fauxtography

Boy, I wish I'd bought that Photoshop™ stock back when I had my chance. Just look at all the publicity they've been getting lately!

Of course, everyone at The Alliance HQ (well, just Harvey, but he beats us if we don't go along with what he wants) is wondering what the next Photoshop™ enhanced photo Reuters is going to be releasing as gospel.

My sources actually surprised me. Instead of a picture enhanced by their congenital America and Israel hatred, they've come up with some support for Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Lie Truth." They're claiming to have found recent NASA photos from equipment left on the moon during the Apollo missions that prove that global warming is occurring!

According to Reuters, this completely un-retouched photo shows the effects that American SUVs are having on the planet Earth.
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And incidentally, in a totally unrelated development, I managed to get my hands on a photo showing how Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, managed to get the French to go along with her ideas on a cease-fire in Lebanon.
(In the extended entry.)

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