April 23, 2007

Now you know.

You know those big price signs at gas stations? The ones with the 2 foot tall numbers that are about 30 feet up in the air. You know how they change the numbers?

With a 30 foot long aluminum pole with a suction cup on the end.

You know how they change the numbers when there's a thunder storm rapidly approaching?

Really fast.

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April 21, 2007

New Header

A quick thanks to blog-dad Harvey for the inspiration for the new header up top.. He found me a sign in response to my post of a few days ago, and I liked it so much I thought that I'd put it up there for a while.

Now I just need to think of some better things to talk about...

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April 14, 2007


Is it considered discrimination to post a "NO STUPID PEOPLE!" sign at the entrance to my place of employment?

I bet the ACLU would feel they have to support most of their members.

And I'm guessing a "NO ILLITERATE PEOPLE!" sign would be pretty useless...

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