May 19, 2007

Well, it was a good run.

But it's over for the Sabres this year. Maybe the fans and the sportswriters made a few more promises than the Sabres could deliver, but I think everyone's still disappointed that the Sabres couldn't make it to the Stanley Cup Finals this year. I know that getting to the conference championship two years in a row is quite an accomplishment... but we wanted the cup.

I hope they can keep enough of the team together to make a strong run next year. But it's still going to be a long off season for the fans.

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May 14, 2007


Well, it looks like the only chance the Sabres have now is if the entire Senators lineup tests positive for steroids and has to forfeit the rest of the series.

Ottawa leads the series 3-0

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May 13, 2007

This made me smile.

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May 08, 2007

I hurt.

Is it considered a major achievement to get through the day without a trip to a hospital? Or should I be setting my goals a little higher?

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May 06, 2007

NHL pre-games

Either very few people sound good over the PA system at Madison Square Garden, or they have a hard time finding people who can sing The National Anthem well...

I know it's not the easiest song in the world to sing acapella, but really. Why do they all go so flat at the end?

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May 05, 2007

I may have to stop watching this

Wow. I don't know if my heart can take much more of this.

The Sabres give up the lead late after dominating a scoreless game, but manage to tie it to go to overtime with 7.7 seconds left in regulation.

Sabres are now up 3-2 in the series.

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May 02, 2007

One more reason I love America

Only in America, would you have a piece of music - written by a Russian, commemorating the Napoleonic Wars - become one of the staples of patriotic music, at one of the most patriotic of holidays. Independence Day.

Of course, any music that has canons and church bells written into the finale deserves such an honor.

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