June 23, 2007

What are they making these things out of?

Anyone out there ever had to change a tire on a Kia? What do they make the tire lugs out of? Paper Mache?

My Mom's got one of those Sportages, and over the course of a few years of brake jobs and tire changes (lots of them... a result of her job) I've broken at least 6 tire lugs. My Dad's broken a couple others. Without using power tools, just a four-way! (And let me tell you, pressing in new lugs is no fun without the right tools.)

Today, another flat necessitated a change. And to remove the stupid locking lugnut that keeps the spare from getting stolen, I used a 7" crescent wrench. And snapped that lug off! With a 7" wrench!

Apparently, I'm stronger than I thought...

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June 20, 2007


Yesterday, I had my computer bag (along with my notebook computer, mp3 player and a pile of cds... among other stuff) stolen at work.

It was in what was thought a relatively safe place. But unfortunately, there's a real @#@*$ walking around my town. And yesterday he must have walked into our store. And while no one was paying attention, stole my stuff.

Lessons Learned:

1. Nothing is safe if you're not watching it. No place is safe if there is any access to it.

2. Don't trust that people won't be @#$%#s if given the chance.

3. Get the Computer Rider on your HomeOwner's Policy. (My insurance deductible is over $1000. Keeps my premiums low. But means that the cost of my computer is less than the deductable... ) A Computer Rider drops that deductable to about $100 for any computer loss. For about $8 a year increase in your premiums... Kinda a no-brainer in 20/20 hindsight.

4. Back up everthing! I never did. Figured that my computer wasn't gonna break down, so I wouldn't need to. I was right on the first half of that sentence. Wrong on the second. I don't think I'll ever fully recover what was lost... pictures, music, things I've written.

5. Keep documentation. I have no idea what the serial number was on the computer. So even though the Police (The officer who came to take the report was very nice and courteous and very helpful. But also understandably not too optimistic about recovery.) may find the scum who stole my stuff, with the stuff in his posession, without a serial number, they may not be able to PROVE that it's mine. (By the way, does anyone know if HP would have that information? I'm sure I registered the computer online when I bought it a year ago, but I've had no luck getting through their phone system. I'll try again tomorrow...)

Fortunately, I'm sort of in the position that financially, I was able to replace the computer on my own. In fact, if I can ever get used to Vista, this computer will be a quantum leap up from what I had. (Sam's Club has some very nice computers by the way... Unfortunately, everything runs Vista now.) But this is definately not the circumstances I wanted around my computer upgrade.

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June 04, 2007


It's not even summer and these warm, muggy days are getting to me. I'm seriously considering shaving my chest.

I'm not the hairiest man in the world (maybe in my family...) but I'm getting desperate.

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