October 13, 2005


Something weird happened tonight. I can't tell you exactly what it was, because the circumstances that set up the weirdness are pretty much a result of my being lazy and stupid.

But it was still pretty weird.

Now I just hope the Sabres can beat the Lightning tonight. They just tied the game up at 2-2. (Take that Tammi.)

Update: They won in a shootout! Their first one.

Posted by GEBIV at October 13, 2005 08:46 PM | TrackBack

I so miss seeing TB play. But without local channels I'm screwed - plus it ain't the same on TV. I'll miss going to the games.

Congrats on the win. I'd have felt really bad if we dominated in ALL sports. ;-)

But that's it....next time we're kickin' it!

Posted by: Tammi at October 15, 2005 09:59 AM
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