September 25, 2006

Week three.

Well, we're into the third week of football, and I have to say that in general, the commercials have picked up right where they left off last season.

Best series of commercials (non-beer category) so far. Southwest Airlines. You've got to love the two kindergardners standing there with the backwards "G" and an "O" on their chests drinking milk out of the beer-hats.

Best series of commercials (beer). I'm really liking the Man Laws of the Square table series. I can't tell you what beer brand it's for, so I guess in that respect it's a failure. But so far the premise has been pretty good.

But for Best Beer Commercial so far I have to give the nod to the one with the brass pole. Again, I can't tell you which beer brand it is. (I don't drink, so the name brand doesn't mean anything to me.) If you haven't seen it yet, I won't spoil it for you. But if you see a commercial with a girl admiring a brass pole in her boyfriend's apartment while he gets the beer, don't change the channel. And make sure you watch it all the way to the end.

I suppose with a little work, I could find all these commercials on Youtube or something like that, but I'm lazy. And that would mean you wouldn't have to watch as much TV. And that might hurt my chances of getting a big endorsement check from the Networks... hasn't come yet, but I don't want to jinx anything.

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September 23, 2006

Uh oh. This should be interesting.

My alma-mater, UB (University at Buffalo) Bulls are going up against the No. 2 ranked Aubern Tigers this afternoon. Let's see, the Bulls are ranked........... well, not quite at the bottom. But pretty close.

I wonder if I should even try to find it on TV. Do they broadcast blowouts?

Of course, this could be the upset of the century, and UB could win.


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September 22, 2006

Ryder Cup Coverage.

Was anyone else watching the Ryder Cup on USA this morning? I had it on while I was getting ready for work and I noticed a few things.

One. The interview with Michael Jordan was kind of cool. But pretty worthless really. Other than learning that Mike still plays a bad round of golf, I didn't learn anything about the tournament.

Two. When showing someone attempting a long put, even if it is a European that I don't know, it would be kind of nice if they actually showed the hole. I guess he missed the putt - but I'll have to take the announcer's word for it, because I couldn't see what happened off to the left of the camera.

Three. Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk spent a good minute lining up Tiger's putt for birdie on (I think) the 14th hole. If Tiger sinks it, they'll be up by 3 with 3 holes to go. Virtually locking the win for the match. Tiger stands over the ball, adjusts his stance, begins his back swing.... AND BILL COWHER COMES ON THE SCREEN TELLING ME HOW MUCH I NEED TO GET NFL Sunday TICKET!!!!!!! When the commercial was finally over, one of the Europeans was finishing up his putt for par to halve the hole. I guess this is why a little annoyed about the Michael Jordan interview. They had enough time to talk to Mike about his bad golf game, and how he wouldn't change anything if he was the coach of the American team. But they couldn't wait 10 seconds to show Tiger Woods putting for a birdie before going to commercial?

Just a few pointless thoughts on the coverage, that's all...

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September 21, 2006

Football Fun.

One of my Senators, Chucky "Shmucky" Schumer is aparently a proponent of revenue sharing in the NFL to help small market teams. Something that I have to say that I somewhat agree with, having the Bills (a small market team) as MY TEAM.

Anyways, after meeting with the Bills owner, Ralph "The Oldest Man in the NFL" Wilson, Schumer had a press conference where he stated that the NFL had until the end of this season to come up with a fair revenue sharing program. And that he would be on them like "White on Rice" until they met his standards.

There's just one thing that's confusing me. Wasn't Reggie White a Defensive Lineman? I can't ever remember him dropping back to cover a Wide Receiver. Much less one of the skill of Jerry Rice.

Does this mean that Schumer is just showing blitz but plans on doing nothing? Hmmm....

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Carry-on Rule Changes

Washington D.C. - Today, the TSA relaxed some of the rules pertaining to carry-on luggage on flights. People may bring slightly larger bags than were previously allowed.

While liquids and gels remain on the banned list, musical instruments are allowed as carry-on again.

Banjos and accordions are still listed as Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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September 15, 2006


Looks like I missed my Blog-Father's Birthday yesterday.

Happy Birthday Harvey!

There. Got that out of the way.

Anyways, it looks like he was expecting something blue for his birthday... well... I've got nothing. I can't even find any Grafiti Currency with blue writing on it.

That makes me so sad. :(

Hey! There I go. I was sad about not having a present for Harvey. Making me blue!

Too bad that thought just made me happy. Oh well. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted Harv. ;P

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September 12, 2006

*Cough* *Cough*

Does anyone have any good/easy home remedies for a touch of Bronchitis?

The weather changing from Summer to Fall has brought back a reminder of my College years... that was a fun exam week... in the form of my recurring deep chest cough.

A large cup of coffee really does the trick for clearing up my chest in the morning and throughout the day, but it's not really an option for nighttime.

Oh, and sorry for not posting much for the last... long time. Work has been... lets just say it's been work, and leave it at that.

I'll try to do better.

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