August 25, 2006


Just had a tourist from Germany cooling his heels for a bit here in the store. We talked a little about taxes and stuff and made some friendly comparisons about culture.

But what was kind of funny was why he was waiting around. He was driving by when the oil light on his rental came on. So he pulled in, and after figuring out what the car took, bought a couple quarts to top off the engine. No problems so far, we see this all the time with people.

A minute or two after purchasing the oil, he came back in and asked for some help. The oil was pouring out of the engine as fast as he was putting it in.

Fortunately, my father was still here at work, so he was able to take a look at the engine while I waited on the regular customers.... turns out the oil plug was missing from the engine.

Now, this tourist had been driving this rental car for a week-from Newark, NJ to Buffalo, NY-with no problems. And all of a sudden, the oil plug dropped out and left him stranded. He's lucky that he was near a gas station or the engine would have siezed up in just a couple more miles.

After a long phone call, he finally got Enterprise to send him a taxi to take him the rest of the way to his hotel, and a new rental lined up for tomorrow...

As he said, "Now I've got a good story to tell about my vacation."

But I do wonder who forgot to tighten the oil plug...

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August 18, 2006

Look At Me! Look At Meeeee!!!!!!

I got a question answered by John Hawkins on Right Wing News for his Q&A Friday segment!

Well, actually, the question was something that my Dad asked me on Wednesday. But I did type it up and post it into Mr. Hawkins comments section of his Q&A Friday #47 post.

You know, this puts me right up there with such people as the askers of:

"Were you popular in High School?"

"What's your favorite drink?"


"Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anderson?"

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August 16, 2006

PGHA: Fauxtography

Boy, I wish I'd bought that Photoshop™ stock back when I had my chance. Just look at all the publicity they've been getting lately!

Of course, everyone at The Alliance HQ (well, just Harvey, but he beats us if we don't go along with what he wants) is wondering what the next Photoshop™ enhanced photo Reuters is going to be releasing as gospel.

My sources actually surprised me. Instead of a picture enhanced by their congenital America and Israel hatred, they've come up with some support for Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Lie Truth." They're claiming to have found recent NASA photos from equipment left on the moon during the Apollo missions that prove that global warming is occurring!

According to Reuters, this completely un-retouched photo shows the effects that American SUVs are having on the planet Earth.
Image Hosted by

And incidentally, in a totally unrelated development, I managed to get my hands on a photo showing how Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, managed to get the French to go along with her ideas on a cease-fire in Lebanon.
(In the extended entry.)

Image Hosted by

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August 09, 2006

PGHA: Raul's first 100 days

Here in America, a President is often rated by his first 100 days in office. (Usually because this is about as long as the Congress will let them accomplish anything...) Well, even though Raul Castro probably won't make the full 100 days as president of Cuba (either Fidel will recover by then or Raul will 'get sick' too...) Harvey would like to know: What changes will Raul Castro make in Cuba during his tenure as President?

#1) The Official State Facial Hair will be changed from "Hedge Beard" to "Cheesy Mustache".

#2) All the monogram towels in all of the presidential palaces will be changed from "F C" to "R C". (And it'll only take adding two little lines to the "F"! Brilliant!)

#3) Havana will be renamed Big Mac!

#4) All Cuban money will have a "Scratch-n-Sniff" sticker of Raul pasted over Fidel's picture. (You don't want to know what flavor.)

#5) Big Mac will be renamed Raultown. (That's what you get when you use a place mat from McDonalds to send out your city re-naming proclamations...)

#6) The entire treasury of Cuba (about $532) will be spent on Mega-Millions Lottery tickets. 'Cause hey, you never know!

#7) And finally, "¡Vivo la revolución!" (Long live the revolution!) will be replaced with "Tipo. ¿Dónde está mi hermano?" (Dude. Where's my brother? ) as the Official State Slogan.

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August 04, 2006

Filthy Lie: Evil Glenn's Anniversary

It's been a while, but I'm going to throw my two cents into this weeks Filthy Lie assignment.

Harv wants to know: How will Evil Glenn be celebrating his 5th Blogiversary?

Well... I haven't been able to find out anything specific about Evil Glenn's plans. But I did hear that he spent his week long "vacation" traveling to meet his Zionist masters to get his instructions for the coming year.

(The only real hint I got was that he may be adding "Oy Vey" to his regular comments of "Heh" "Hmmm" and "Indeed".)

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August 03, 2006

An answer to Netroots

Well, since the left seems to have been so successful in doing it (although come to think of it, they haven't actually won too many races from internet support), someone on the right finally got around to making an internet PAC. Rightroots. It's run by John Hawkins of Right Wing News. And as of typing this, they've already raised over $30,000! And that's in the less than a week that the site's been up.

Now I'll have to go check my piggy bank to see if it's got any change left in it...

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August 02, 2006

I'm Back. The Haiku.

Busy, so busy.
Working in the summer heat.
Too lazy to blog.

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